We provide you with a training solution tailored to your company to develop your teams’ skills, abilities and capabilities to the fullest, at all levels of the company. Our team of specialised consultants will evaluate with you the weaknesses and strengths of your team and develop the necessary training plan, involving your professionals by awakening in them an interest to improve and grow professionally.


Detecting needs

We analyse the situation and execute the proper detection tools: objectives, questionnaires, 360º evaluations, group dynamics, design thinking sessions, etc.


Determining objectives

Including areas for improvement, KPIs to meet, etc.


Designing and executing the plan

We determine the necessary tools to achieve the desired improvement: face-to-face training sessions, workshops, online training, coaching sessions, design thinking sessions, Neuromanagement skills development sessions.



We evaluate the improvements achieved and draw up reports on the training programmes.

Online training

Online training
Over 500 online courses that complement the customised training programme:
  • Sectors: administration and management; automotive; commerce and marketing; electricity and electronics; mechanical production; hospitality and tourism; meat; IT and communications; socio-cultural and community services.

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  • General: office automation; business strategy; social media; 2.0 tools; legal; skills; marketing; finance; digital transformation; languages.

Face-to-face / Workshops

Face-to-face / Workshops
We offer face-to-face training and skills development workshops, designed and implemented by our team and adapted to the client's needs. With a very practical approach, we generate an experience that awakens an interest to improve and provides the tools needed to achieve said improvement. We have offered, among others:
  • Effective communication.
  • Effective leadership
  • How to motivate your teams.
  • Efficient time management.
  • Effective meetings.
  • Stress control techniques.
  • Closing sales.

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We adapt toyour company’s needs

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